Dr. Zak Friedman founded Petrocontrol in 1992 after a career with Exxon Research and Engineering and KBC Advanced Technology. Through Petrocontrol he offers inferential control models, advanced process control (APC) turnkey projects, APC training courses, and a number of APC consulting services.

Inferential control technology
(Dr. Friedman had pioneered the use of first-principle process models for inferential control)

APC training
Petrocontrol offers advanced, unit level, APC training courses that build the unit APC knowledge on a foundation of the process engineering and unit economics of the units. The following units are presently covered.

Independent APC consulting

Unit level experience

Experience before establishment of Petrocontrol:

1986-1992 KBC Process Automation, Southampton, UK
(Purchased by Honeywell in August '91)

1977-1986 Exxon Research and Engineering Company,
Florham Park, New Jersey.

Scientific Energy Systems Corporation, Watertown, Massachusetts.

Purdue University, ChE Department, Lafayette, Indiana.

Haifa Refineries, Research & Development Department, Haifa, Israel.