Visbreaking unit

visbreaking unit


Visbreaker reactors comprise two sections: a heater, which heats up the feed to thermal cracking temperatures, and a soaker drum where most of the cracking occurs. Economically the visbreaking severity should be maximized, up to asphaltene solubility constraint; however it is difficult for the operator to determine the correct COT (heater coil outlet temperature) because:

VISBS is a first principles calculation package designed to determine the best setting for the reactor and fractionator. These calculations become control variables for advanced control applications using multi-variable predictive control technology.


EVT (equivalent visbreaking time)

Visbreaking conversion.

Maximum conversion.


Able to keep the severity constant while unit conditions vary..

Responsive to feed property changes.

Simple to calibrate.

Self tuned.

Easily understood.

Multi variable dynamic capability.

Fractionator GCC is reliable enough to replace distillation analyzers.